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LaGuardia group of companies with time has developed great potential and capabilities to undertake any task, business or project. Our proficiency has polished with time and we carefully work on our procedures to maximize efficiency, dexterousness and being sturdy.

Here we summarize our capabilities according to our group structure:


  • Active global presence through offices in three continents
  • Worldwide procurements
  • Strong Financial patronage
  • Globally recognized registrations/Licensing
  • Elaborate Infrastructure
  • Highly Skilled and experienced team

Logistic Solutions

  • One window air, sea, land transportation and security integrated operations
  • Elaborate Infrastructure
    • 8 warehouses in Middle East, South and Central Asia of Ambient, frozen and chill classes
    • Managing a fleet of over 1000 trucks, over 600+ fuel tankers and 2 fixed wing air crafts
    • 6 bulk fuel installations, 2 movable fuel tanks and 2 fuel testing laboratories in Afghanistan
    • 5 oil tanker terminals and 7 truck terminals in Pakistan and Afghanistan
  • 100% financially independent group
  • Elaborate security and convoy escort capability inside Afghanistan
  • Global product sourcing and value addition modules
  • Quality and safety control compliant SOPs
  • Strong IT based systems ensuring visibility of cargo at every step
  • Team of highly skilled specialists
  • Remote location experience including major operational orientation towards southern Afghanistan


  • End to end solution including procurement, import, shipping, storage and distribution
  • Marketing and distribution of wide range of petroleum products
  • Fully owned storage infrastructure
  • Handling of POL requirements of a broad spectrum of customers comprising the retails, industrial, government, power projects, aviation and marine sectors
  • Complete transportation solution with around 1000+ tank Lorries