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Building a transport brand name in the region as large as a continent was undoubtedly won with high intention, sincere efforts, intelligent directions, keen planning and skillful executions. With the widest variety of materials ever delivered to customers in the region, LaGuardia logistics division won the lead over all competitors. The extraordinary fleet that is comprised of over 100 trucks and trailers cruise the region to deliver goods to their insightful customers, thanks to the attentive maintenance workshops in all major locations all along the routes, helping smooth flow of our operations

Dispatch Network

LaGuardia dispatch network has been strategically tailored to cover the customer’s main location. Inspired by the customers' needs the division's on-time delivery success rate reached 95% matched by none in the region. Competitive pricing, professionalism in transport handling, wide coverage in maintenance workshops and safety of transported goods is another story of excellence told by laguardia logistics.


World class trucks and trailers are regularly and watchfully operated to serve the interests of customers round the clock. Through LaGuardia's own fleet management system, pin-pointing and constantly monitoring the real-time traffic of trucks is well observed. With uniformed and highly skilled drivers, qualified and well-trained employees (technicians + admin staffs) and the extremely varied customers' base is surely witnessing on-time deliveries ticking beyond the achieved 95% rate. Safety, speed limits, loads, insurance and quality of service are not compromised for the sake of achieving such a rate. They enjoy the merits of training and skill development at all levels.

Depot and WorkShops

The modern and perfectly managed LaGuardia depots and workshops genuinely contribute to the operation success. LaGuardia depot are comprised of a dispatch facility, a maintenance center and admin staffs office. The maintenance program which is operated by state of the art technology is standard at all depots managerial by staffs, engineers, foremen, mechanics, technicians, drivers and workmen all share the company's culture and policy. They enjoy the merits of training and skill development at all levels.